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Denali“Standing on a summit awakens something sacred inside me”

Growing up in Indiana I knew going West was in my future. I headed to Seattle and enjoyed many years learning the art of mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest before turning my focus to high points in countries. Mountaineering is the gratification of challenging the mind, body, and soul against something so inspiring and imaginative. Today my life goal is to summit the highest peaks on each of the seven continents in the world. I know some peaks may be easy, some difficult and a few almost impossible, but collectively no matter how far I get, it will be a life worth living.

“Why? Why climb mountains?”

No answer is complete or satisfactory. Perhaps there is no single answer; perhaps each climber must have his own reasons for such an effort. The answer Denali Benchmarkcannot be simple; it is compounded of such elements as the great beauty of clear cold air, of colors beyond the ordinary, of the lure of unknown regions beyond the rim of experience. The pleasure of physical fitness, the pride of conquering a steep and difficult rock pitch, the thrill of danger – but danger controlled by skill – are also there. “K2 The Savage Mountain” by Charles S Houston, M.D. and Robert H. Bates

“What are your life adventures? On route and safe travels!”

Denali SummitI believe any true feat is a collective effort, not a singular task. This adventure is a adventure in itself. We encourage your thoughts on what inspires you, what we can do to improve your experience and finally what is not to your expectations. Please share via our SurveyMonkey site or drop me a note at

“The key to life is to live without hesitation, without perfection, and without fear”

Jerald Richardson, Founder