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About Us

As a mountaineer, survey markers or informally known as benchmarks are placed on the Earth’s surface to indicate key points of elevation. Geo’Junga takes pride in making your life journey accomplishments more memorable by providing custom and replicas benchmarks made in USA.

We are passionate about the Adventure and Outdoor Industry

Our team is committed to help everyone get outdoors seeking to inspire your personal adventure list. We appreciate creativity and collaboration which is an integral part in everything we do.

We must all make a positive impact in the world

We focus on three areas including health awareness such as Alzheimer’s and Breast Cancer Awareness, elevating the human spirit with The Heroes Project and protecting our natural resources with the US Highpointers organization.

My Passion

“Standing on a summit awakens something sacred inside me. Growing up in Indiana I knew going West was my future. I headed to Seattle to learn the art of mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest before turning my focus to high points in countries. Today my life goal is to summit the highest peaks on the world’s seven continents, also known as the Seven Summits.  With four complete to date, some may be easy, some difficult and a few almost impossible, but collectively no matter how far I get, it will be a life worth living.”

Jerald Richardson, Founder