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“We believe in inspiring your life adventures!”

“A spirit filled with possibilities of dreams waiting to be completed.”– Frederick Morales-Oros

“Our benchmarks are made to celebrate your life’s high points”

As a mountaineer, survey markers or informally known as benchmarks are placed on the Earth’s surface to indicate key points of elevation. Geo’Junga takes pride in making your life journey accomplishments more memorable by providing custom and replicas benchmarks made in USA.

“We customize each and every benchmark to any mountain or adventure in the world”

Everything can be personalized using our laser engraving capabilities. If there is something we haven’t thought of or very personal to you such as life events, achievements and more, we are happy to customize any design at no charge. Contact us today at to get started!

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“The key to life is to live without hesitation, without perfection, and without fear.” – Jerald Richardson